Heads Bodies and Legs

Players: Two or more - Also known as: Picture Consequences

Players take turns in drawing a head, a body, and a pair of legs, without letting the other player see them. The point of the game is the fun of seeing the resulting pictures.


Each player starts with a small piece of paper - half of A4 or US Letter is about right.

Each player begins by drawing a head in the top third of the sheet, and then folds over the paper so just the neck is showing:


The players then exchange pieces of paper, taking care not to let the other player see their drawing.

Each player then draws a body in the centre third of the paper, joining the neck lines, and folds over the paper so just the legs are showing:


Again, the players exchange pieces of paper.

Finally, each player draws legs and feet, joining the leg lines, and folds the paper so nothing is visible.


Finally, after exchanging again, each player opens their piece of paper to reveal the whole drawing:



An amusing addition is to add an extra stage in which each player folds the page to leave a blank strip at the bottom of the paper. After exchanging, each player writes a name for the drawing in the blank space.

For a version with sentences see Consequences.

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