Players: Two or more

The players take turns in contributing sentences to a story. The final story is then read out, usually with hilarious results.


Each player starts with a piece of paper. The players each write a phrase as the first step in a story, and then fold the paper to hide the phrase before passing it to the next player.

The steps are as follows, where the things in brackets should be replaced by the chosen words or phrase:

  • (boy's name)
  • met (girl's name)
  • in/at/on (where they met)
  • He said (what he said)
  • She said (what she said)
  • He (what he did)
  • She (what she did)
  • The consequence was (what happened).

When the players have completed all eight steps, the pieces of paper are unfolded in turn, and the players read out the completed, usually funny, stories.

Play Consequences

met  .

He said .

She said .

He .

She .

The consequence was .

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