Scrambled Word Ladders

Players: Two

Each player chooses a word with the same number of letters. Both players then try to make a scrambled word ladder between the two words. The player with the shortest ladder wins.


A scrambled word ladder is a sequence of words linked by either of the following steps:

  • Change one letter to make another word.
  • Scramble the order of the letters to make another word.

One player chooses a starting word, and the other player then chooses an ending word of the same length. Both players then try to find a scrambled word ladder between the two chosen words. The player with shortest ladder wins. If neither player can find a ladder the game is a draw.


For example, if one player chose WINE and the other player chose BEER a possible scrambled word ladder could be as follows:



To make the game more exciting impose a time limit of five minutes.

For a simpler variation of the game try Word Ladders.

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Play Scrambled Word Ladders

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Length of words: 5 letters

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