Players: Two - Also known as: Broadsides

Players take turns in trying to guess the locations of the other player's ships on a grid.


Each player draws two 10 x 10 grids, labelled along the sides with letters and numbers. On the left-hand grid the player secretly draws rectangles representing their fleet of ships:


The fleet

Each player's fleet consists of the following ships:

  • 1 x Aircraft carrier - 5 squares
  • 1 x Battleship - 4 squares
  • 1 x Cruiser - 3 squares
  • 2 x Destroyers - 2 squares each
  • 2 x Submarines - 1 square each

Each ship occupies a number of adjacent squares on the grid, horizontally or vertically.


During play the players take turns is making a shot at the opponent, by calling out the coordinates of a square (eg D5). The opponent responds with "hit" if it hits a ship or "miss" if it misses. If the player has hit the last remaining square of a ship the opponent must announce the name of the ship; eg "You sank my battleship".

During play each player should record their opponent's shots on the left-hand grid, and their shots on the right-hand grid as "X" for a hit and "O" for a miss:


The first player to lose all their ships loses the game.

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