Players: Two or more

Players compete to find the longest word from a set of 9 letters.


The players take turns in choosing letters until 9 letters have been named. They then try to construct a word using just those letters.

The player who has found the longest word scores one point per letter, or double for a nine-letter word. In the case of a draw both players score.


For example, if the players chose the letters:


the players might find QUERY and TORQUE, TORQUE being the winner and scoring 6 points.


The game can be played with any number of letters; 8, 9, or 10 letters are good lengths.

An interesting variant is to include a "?" as a wildcard, which each player can use as any letter they wish.

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Length of words: 10  11  12 letters 

Options: Choose vowels/consonants? Wildcard?

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