Word Bulls & Cows

Players: Two - Also known as: Word Mastermind

Players take turns in trying to guess each other's word.


One player, the Chooser, thinks of a four-letter word and the other player, the Guesser, tries to guess it.

At each turn the Guesser tries a four-letter word, and the Chooser says how close it is to the answer by giving:

  • The number of Bulls - letters correct in the right position.
  • The number of Cows - letters correct but in the wrong position.

The Guesser tries to guess the answer in the fewest number of turns.

If either word has repeated letters the rule is that each letter can only count towards the score once, and Bulls are counted before Cows.


For example, if the Chooser has thought of the word LOVE the replies for some guesses are as follows:


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Programming Word Bulls & Cows

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Length of words: 7 letters

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